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Week One and Two:
Create a Product Line 
Offering a wide range of supplies, girls can explore making products such as natural henna nail polish, perfumes made from oils
and dried flowers, doggie tees and accessories, photo jewelry, and more! 

Product Line
Once girls decide on their product line they can make several samples of their product.

Business Plan
Each  girl develops a mini business plan using our simple form. This helps them look at cost, profit as well as complete a marketing plan.

Girls learn to price their costs, set a sale price and understand how to make a profit..

Girls learn to record inventory and keep track of sales.


Everything that Camp Kate Kate  does is to encourage young girls to celebrate their individuality, appreciate and respect each other's differences, tastes and  opinions.

At Camp Kate Kate. we encourage girls to share their ideas. We value their creativity and we believe in their power.

Camp Kate Kate's a creative think tank  for entrepreneurial education. 

Important Life  Skills:
Dream (yes)
Innovative and creative thinking
Brain storming

Organize your plan
Plan ahead
Make decisions
Problem solve

Produce and analyze results
Develop confidence
Be empowered!



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"This is a beautiful story that will show mothers and daughters you're never too young or old to dream." www.blogfully.net

"This book teaches girls to be true to themselves, unique and confident."

"This is a wonderful new series. It's our next mother-daughter book club book."

"Wonderful message! If you know a little budding fashion designer, this is a great gift."

Kate entertains and educates young readers! "

"I love that this focused on being confident even when others think you're too "different". I can't wait to see the next book ."

"If you are looking for a great new series for your tween, Kate  is sure to please."

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Momblogger Laura Filipowicz
Bizzy Girls, was great, it exceeded expectations this summer.  My 7 year old (yes 7!)  developed a product line, learned about branding, cost vs. profit, elevator pitch and toured various stores in the vicinity of Third Street. Look for Chatty Madi to launch her new line of home decor. 
Exciting! Read full article
The girls created business names and marketing plans to go along with their fashion and home decor related ideas. When the day finally arrived, all the hard work paid off.  The girls were so proud as they presented their products. This can only pay off in the long run for for young girls!

"It was a lot of fun, 10-year-old Allie Idelson said. I liked everything!  Each day we did something different and it was really cool.
Me and my friend and business partner Billie Morton,10,  made Pink Girls. 
We created clothes and accessories and everything has pink in it, And we try to make our clothes and accessories as colorful as possible!"
Santa Monica Daily Press excerpt

"It's been fantastic, Jennifer.Learning about developing a product from start to finish and learning how much a product costs and the reality of going into business was a great experience for the girls."
Mom and entrepreneur, Jenn Morton, owner of Blue Plate, Santa Monica
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Some recent emails
Hi Deborah
First, thank you so much for the amazing experience you created for our daughter, -she LOVED it!  I have my own business as well, and hearing Jess talk about it the way she did after a week with you seemed to put into perspective what we do here, and led to conversations that made me feel like she was seeing my busines through different eyes, so thank you for that as week:)  We have told all our friends about it, and look forward to seeing you again next year.  Sarah, President of Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Dear Deborah
I wanted to thank you for the great experience Julianna and Kendra have had during this week with you. They had the best time and truly loved the whole process...
Please keep in touch and let me know when you have another one
Once again thank you, Nataalia

Thank you, Debbie. Emily and Lauren are so inspired from your camp. I have told so many of my friends and they want to try some future sessions.  I am so impressed with everything., Thanks so much,.Michelle 

Hi Deborah, Thank you for such a great week for the girls, they had a great time. Warmly, Orla

Dear Deborah, Skylar doesn't want camp to end. Do you have another one next week? She loves going every morning. Thanks! Carina

Dear Deborah, Thank you for doing this for the girls. It looked like they all learned so much and had so much fun. Please keep me informed of your new classes.  Best, Camille Reseda
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"I Mustache You", owned by    Samantha, age 9, is taking  orders for her mustache shaped  sleeping masks
For more information please email bizzygirls@yahoo.com.

Bizzy Girls Claire has opened 
her Etsy Store, Claire's Cases

Sheyla,11, owner of SplatPaint
will make you an inspirational tee shirt, bizzygirls@yahoo.com
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Bizzy Girls Entrepreneurs!
Meet Kate Kate The Fashion Plate..and her friends,The Bizzy Girls. (ages 6-10)

Kate is an aspiring fashion designer who lives in New York with her mom and two adorable dogs. Kate and her friends have little businesses and big dreams.

Kate's mom is a famous fashion magazine editor and head  the costume collection at a big museum (sound familiar)? This gives Kate and the Bizzy Girls access to the world of high fashion, where they get themselves into trouble, faster than they can get out.

In "I Have To Be Me" Kate's mom arranges for Kate to help decorate the windows at Bergs,  New York's most famous fashion store. Kate thinks this is her chance to shine. But  when Kate arrives at Bergs, she finds the dresses "boooring". Using her creative flair, Kate gives the clothes her own touch... until the owner of Bergs walks in  and sees what Kate is doing. Now  Kate is big trouble.. what will happen to Kate's dreams of being a fashion designer?
Look for Bizzy Girls classes in your area, from southern California to Connecticut. Check in with us for summer 2014  schedules.
 Bizzy Girls will expand to 20 cities 2015 
         Glitter Bracelets 
made from zippers (Reese age 9)

            Reviews and Media
          Bizzy Girls News
Bizzy Girls partners with Beverly Hills
              and Santa Barbara
Thank you for hosting us!
CARLOS CHAVEZ/SPECIAL TO THE STAR        Naomi Pachero (left) waits as Candace Coleman-Malyszek looks at a top made by Jessica Thran at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks on Friday. The Bizzy Girls Camp taught girls ages 7 to 12 about entrepreneurship. 
                                    A green dress accessorized with a black flower pin caught the eye of shoppers at a store i                                   inside The Oaks mall after Piper Dobson, 8, of Calabasas, draped it over a fashion mannequin.
                                   The dress was part of a line of clothing and accessories Piper and her friend Remy Portaro, 9, als                              Calabasas, offered from their new business called Sequin Celebrities.
                                   Piper and Remy joined 15 other young entrepreneurs Friday at the Thousand Oaks mall, where                         they  displayed and sold their own products as part of Bizzy Girls, a program that teaches and                              empowers  “tween  girls” ages 7 to 12 to make a product line and start a business.
                                Remy Portaro sold much of what she created during the Bizzy Girls Camp on Friday at The Oaks mall in                                     Thousand Oaks. 
More than 200 girls attended Bizzy Girls Camp this summer at malls in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
The girls not only created products but also named their companies; created logos and business cards; studied.                                    
 http://www.vcstar.com/news/2013/aug/02/thousand-oaks-camp-turns-young-girls-into-owners/branding, marketing and advertising; designed a budget; and wrote mini business plans. If you can not access this, see a full reprint below or email us for a copy.

    Ventura County Star  Aug 12, 2013


    The Beach Reporter                   Tweens become entrepreneurs at RB Camp

Monday, August 5, 2013  
 by Carley Dryden  

                                                              Laura Hong has been sketching clothing designs at home since she was 5 years old.                                                                      Now, at just 10, the Redondo Beach resident has her own fashion business. During one                                                                   week at the Bizzy Girls Camp, Hong made 18 clothing items, including a long, flowy                                                                         dress she sewed herself in one hour.

                                                         The camp, for girls ages 7 to 12, teaches entrepreneurship through hands-on activities;                                                           the girls create their own product line, usually in fashion, accessories or home décor.

The campers, led by an elementary school teacher and assistants from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, develop their own mini business plan, follow a budget, name their company, make business cards, choose packaging and learn visual display, marketing and social media. The camp also focuses on decision-making, problem-solving and respecting each other’s ideas....see full artcile here:
                                                 Redondo Beach pre-teens get business savvy
   Easy Reader  Aug 5, 2013

Ten-year-old Laura Hong shows off her merchandise.        Photo by Rachel Reeves

Redondo Beach pre-teens were busy arranging homemade merchandise on long tables, counting money, and turning on smiles for potential customers last Friday, working diligently at a makeshift market inside a church on Broadway.

The girls were excited. Their products were selling, and quickly.

“Sorry, I don’t have any more of those headbands,” nine-year-old Sam Sternberg said. “They’re, like, a thing right now.”

Her company, I Mustache U – a play on “I Must Ask You,” she told me – sells clothing and accessories emblazoned with felt mustaches.

Ten-year-old Laura Hong was also apologetic; her clothes were selling out, and she had dollar signs in her eyes.

“This is my favorite,” she said, taking a dress off the rack behind her. “It’s six dollars but sorry, somebody bought it. This is a jacket that could also be a blanket,” she said, looking at me with apology. “This one is being sold too, sorry” – she said, but, not wanting to lose business or brand recognition, added quickly – “I mean, I can give you a candy!” see full article here:


bizzygirls@yahoo.com              424 201 5448                                                 bizzygirls@yahoo.com                   424 201 5448                  
Santa Monica Mirror, July 2012

SM PLACE — While Santa Monica Place was bustling during the lunch hour, the Community Room was bustling with the girls of Camp Kate Kate and their proud parents.

The attendees of Camp Kate Kate, a young girls entrepreneurship camp, presented the final products of their hard work for the past two weeks to their parents and teachers. These 7 to 14-year-olds all founded their own companies and created marketable, profitable products.
“All these girls are very serious little business girls,” Kanafani said. “And they'’re very enthusiastic and they want to make money!”
Whatever their products were, the girls learned a lot and made many friends in the process.
“It was a lot of fun,” 10-year-old Allie Idelson said. “I liked everything! We got to do so many things! One day we went to a spa because the person who owned the spa was an entrepreneur and the next day we went to the market because the person who owns that is an entrepreneur, so each day we did something different and it was really cool.”

Allie and her friend and business partner Billie Morton,10, created a fashion line called “Pink Girls.”
"We created clothes and accessories and everything has pink in it,” Morton said. “And we try to make our clothes and accessories as colorful as possible!”"

Morton’s mother, Jennifer Morton, is an entrepreneur herself as well as a Santa Monican; she owns two restaurants in Santa Monica, Blue Plate and Blue Plate. 
“It’s been fantastic,” Jennifer Morton said. “"Learning about developing a product from start to finish and learning how much a product costs and the reality of going into business was a great experience for the girls.”"

Samantha Sternberg,, came up with the idea of “Creative Girls,” a company that specializes in reversible purses and coin pouches. Sternberg proudly announced that she is “8-and-a-half years old” and dressed up as Coco Chanel for her presentation.

Kanafani, founder of Bizzy Girls, is very pleased with the camp and the girls’ accomplishments. She also stresses the idea of empowering girls at a young age, "Recent New York University studies revealed that girls’ self-esteem is now peaking at age 10. We have to provide experiences to keep self esteem growing, not declining," Kanafani said. See full article

Check the local Dept of parks and Rec for Bizzy Girls Classes 2014

 Check out Madi's business of jewelry and accessories! Madi (8 1/2) is giving 25 cents of every sale to her local dog shelter.    www.littlemissmadi.com

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